What is the Metaverse? Web 3.0, and Crypto?

I have recorded this one-hour English Podcast with Sarfaraz Ali at the request of many friends. In this discussion, we have explained What is Metaverse? What is the relation of metaverse with the blockchain Web 3.0 Technologies? What is the Metaverse’s Past, Present, and upcoming future?

This Discussion is for beginners to advance level professionals, including Executives, Developers, Architects, Enthusiasts, Technologists, or people from non-technological domains.

We touched on the following topics:

1) Debunking Metaverse Historical background

2) Virtual World Concepts from Movies / Cartoons

3) Digital Assets, Avatar, and Ownership Concept

4) 3D Rendering, Programs, Gaming Infrastructure

5) Non-Blockchain based Metaverse Games or Virtual Worlds

6) Fake Companies, Experts and improper use-cases in the Metaverse or Blockchain

7) Are Governments and regulators ready to adopt Web 3.0 Metaverse Strategy as a New Internet?

8) How to identify what is Metaverse

9) Web 3.0 concept vs. Web 2.0

10) 3D Modelers, Animators, and Visualizer’s future in the Metaverse

11) Publicly available Metaverses Decentraland and Sandbox

12) Metaverse Applications, e.g., Banks, Social events USA/Saudi/UAE

13) XR/VR Applications Vs. Metaverse

Reference: https://lnkd.in/dujH9SxX

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