Understand Metaverse Technology and its Career

This is a podcast we have recorded for learning purposes in the Urdu language. The topic is about understanding Metaverse technology and its career prospects.

Topic List
1) Debunking Metaverse Historical background
2) Virtual World Concept from Movies / Cartoons
3) Digital Assets, Avatar, and Ownership Concept
4) 3D Rendering, Programs Gaming Infrastructure
5) Non-Blockchain based Metaverse Games or Virtual Worlds
6) Fake Companies and Experts in Metaverse / Blockchain
7) Improper Use-Cases using blockchain or metaverse applications
8) How to identify what is Metaverse
9) Web 3.0 concept vs. Web 2.0
10) 3D Modelers, Animators, and Visualizer’s future in the Metaverse 11) Publicly available Metaverses Decentraland and Sandbox
12) Metaverse Applications, e.g., Banks, Social events USA/Saudi/UAE 13) Software Developers and 3D Modelers Career in Metaverse
14) XR/VR Applications Vs. Metaverse