Create a Chatbot using ChatGPT APIs | Complete Source DEMO

So I thought today why don’t I create a small webpage-based CHATBOT, something similar to Iron Man’s JARVIS, using ChatGPT3 API. It looks fantastic.

This is a simple web-based app where I have created a chatbot that can listen to your query through your microphone. Then it replies in the audio, so you don’t need to read any text.

My application uses the following APIs
1 – Chatgpt3 APIs (3.5 model)
2 – Text to Speech APIs
3 – Speech to Text APIs
4 – WebGL. (Three.js)

The intention was to create something like a JARVIS. This video shows a running application built in NODE.JS with the express framework.

I uploaded the full source code on my repo so enjoy testing it –


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Demo Video: