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I am deeply honored and privileged to have contributed as a research contributor and editor to the Task Group (TG) on the subject of "🌐 Responsible Use of AI for Child Protection in the Metaverse 🛡️👶 United Nations (ITU)" initiated by United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs) International Telecommunication Union.

The use of AI in the metaverse has both benefits and risks for children's online safety. AI-powered tools offer personalized content and educational resources, enhancing learning and creativity. However, they also pose risks, such as exposure to harmful content and privacy concerns.

Real automation and decentralization a must case for bodies like FATF

Human history is always involved with the national agendas and secret policies against their rivals and competitor. This discriminatory behavior is an outcome of politics where common interests force them to compromise the democratic decision against the other one. The future of these international bodies like FATF is being claimed for controversies in recent updates. The blockchain Technologies could be the solution.

Safeguarding Nuclear and Conventional Warheads using Blockchain: WhitePaper


The advancement in technology is rapidly threatening the digital infrastructure and industries with the cyberattacks. These threats are not limited to commercial sectors, but sensitive institutions like the military, nuclear plants, responsive logistics, and government command systems are also under the radar of cyber threats. The impact of these threats is unimaginable if a non-state actor compromises these sensitive warheads for different purposes; therefore, such risks are not limited to a country, but it covers an entire region or the world as a whole. The blockchain technology is being discussed mostly in the financial perspective; however, in this paper, we present how this technology can create a new wall against such attacks on military and nuclear installations.

Blockchain : Transforming the Fourth Industrial Revolution


We have just stepped into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) that entails promising next-generation technologies such as Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning/Deep learning, 3D Printing, Data Science, Drones, Robotics and the cutting-edge Blockchain technology. These technologies serve as the building blocks for innovation and development for the industries where humans are trying their best to achieve maximum efficiency and accuracy in production and related processes. These technologies will not only revolutionize but also disrupt several industries, and it envisages the impact of the Blockchain to be high in the future. Blockchain has a crucial role to play in the fourth industrial revolution and expected to open new doors to the world for new models and innovations.

Public Crypto Currencies on the Blockchain and the Reservation of the States


Blockchain is one of the fastest growing technologies in the current era under the umbrella of cryptocurrencies. However due to the guaranteed anonymity of the cryptocurrencies, the technology has been subject to magnanimous abuse by techno-criminals who use the global unfettered trade of cryptocurrency with no oversight to their advantage. This policy brief discusses noteworthy accounts of the misuse of technology and lastly lays the foundation of detailed policy study of how ‘State-based’ cryptocurrencies can effectively cap the growing misuse of this technology.

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