Real automation and decentralization a must case for bodies like FATF

(July 27, 2021)

My latest article has been published on Blockchain, FATF role, and Pakistan ( It is time for using emerging technologies to replace humanly biased decisions).

Real automation and decentralization Blockchain – A must case for bodies like FATF:

Human history is always involved with the national agendas and secret policies against their rivals and competitor. This discriminatory behavior is an outcome of politics where common interests force them to compromise the democratic decision against the other one.  

The future of these international bodies like FATF is being claimed for controversies in recent updates.

Such bodies are essential, and their role is crucial to regulate their domains. But the trust gap is enormous, which required machines to fill the trust part without biased actions and personal agendas.
It is inevitable to make these bodies truly decentralized.

Otherwise, the third world countries will always struggle to put their case listen without political influences. To read my entire article you can visit link: