Farhan Khan

Farhan Khan Blockchain Certificates

Who am I?

My name is Farhan Hameed Khan. I am an innovation leader , solution architect, product specialist, social entrepreneur, and writer.

I have more than 15 years of experience in developing and producing software-based solutions.

Passion in the technological world 

I have extensive knowledge of cybersecurity software development including Image processing and biometric, 2 Factor Authentication, Security Awareness LMS, Encryption Tools, Security Application Scanning, Malware Analysis, PKI , Blockchain Technology, Anti Spyware Products, System-level Policy controller, System Monitoring tools, Security Agents, etc.

Why Blockchain?

Imagine a world where everything is transparent to you. A world where the data provenance can never be altered. Where the tracing is 100% pure and no one can append or change such data. A world where applications will provide you the trust, not the human nor the middleman or the central authority.  A world where interconnection with the different domains is possible without the digital-dictator. A world where compromised or crashed participant data holder will no matter. Yes, blockchain is the answer and a technological revolution that can turn any industry as per its use case.  As an early adopter, I would like to spread the knowledge and guidance in the development and strategy creation. I am the official Certified Blockchain Strategist and a learner.


Other than cybersecurity I have extensive development experience in Web Applications, Mobile applications, Gaming technologies.

As a technical guy, I know how to design a system, architecture, framework, ERD, UML and use cases.

I am working on new technologies like blockchain, IOT, and AI. Since my roots are from the technical side, I am always hungry to read, understand and experiment with latest trends and technologies. My innovation criteria are not limited to what I have experience but I also love to solve problems in the current technological world by learning new stuff.

Business Development 

I am not only a technical person but I am also extremely good at technology business development activities. For the last 4 years, I am taking care of the business from pitching, managing, client presentations, traveling different regions, pre-sale activities, partnerships,  product gap analysis, profit, and loss analysis, software marketing, proposals, and technical writing.

I have created many business portfolios for the software products by introducing the pricing structure and financial model. I have experience in creating a pricing strategy for tangible and intangible products.

Convincing the client or providing the client POC (Proof of concept) is also the art and I know how to help the organization’s sales guys to the position, pitch it and close it.

Multiple Organization Experiences

I have worked in many different industries from the corporate consulting sector, startups, research centers, and software houses.

My Blockchain Certifications

Certified Blockchain Solution Architect
Certified Blockchain Solution Architect

Oxford Blockchain Strategy
Oxford Blockchain Strategist

Corda Certified Developer
Corda Certified Developer

Ethereum Developer Program Certified
Ethereum Developer Program Certified

IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer
IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer

Would you like to discuss?

Contact me on my official linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/farhanhk/