Why Blockchain?

Imagine a world where everything is transparent to you. A world where the data provenance can never be altered. Where the tracing is 100% pure and no one can append or change such data. A world where applications will provide you the trust, not the human nor the middleman or the central authority.  A world where interconnection with the different domains is possible without the digital-dictator. A world where compromised or crashed participant data holder will no matter. Yes, blockchain is the answer and a technological revolution which can turn any industry as per its use case.  As an early adopter, I would like to spread the knowledge and guidance in the development and strategy creation. I am the official Certified Blockchain Strategist and a learner.

Who am I?

My name is Farhan Hameed Khan and I am a Software Architect, Technical Evangelist, Product Specialist, Social Entrepreneur, and the innovator.

I have more than 14 years of experience in developing and producing software-based solutions.

Always hungry and Technically Up to Date

I have extensive knowledge of cybersecurity software development including Image processing and biometric, 2 Factor Authentication, Security Awareness LMS, Encryption Tools, Security Application Scanning, Malware Analysis, PKI , Blockchain Technology, Anti Spyware Products, System-level Policy controller, System Monitoring tools, Security Agents etc.


Certified Blockchain Solution Architect
Certified Blockchain Solution Architect

Oxford Blockchain Strategy
Oxford Blockchain Strategist

Other than cybersecurity I have extensive development experience in Web Applications, Mobile applications, Gaming technologies.

As a technical guy, I know how to design a system, architecture, framework, ERD, UML and use cases.

I am working on new technologies like blockchain, IOT, and AI. Since my roots are from the technical side, I am always hungry to read, understand and experiment with latest trends and technologies. My innovation criteria are not limited to what I have experience but I also love to solve problems in the current technological world by learning new stuff.


Farhan Hameed Khan

I know “Business and how to Boost it”

I am not only a technical person but I am also extremely good in technology business development activities. From last 4 years, I am taking care of the business from pitching, managing, client presentations, traveling different regions, pre-sale activities, partnerships,  product gap analysis, profit and loss analysis, software marketing, proposals and technical writing.

I have created many business portfolios for the software products by introducing the pricing structure and financial model. I have experience in creating the pricing strategy for tangible and intangible products.

Convincing the client or providing the client POC (Proof of concept) are also the art and I know how to help the organization’s sales guys to the position, pitch it and close it.

Multiple Organization Experiences

I have worked in many different industries from the corporate consulting sector, startups, research centers and software houses.

Would you like to discuss?

Contact me on my official linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/farhanhk/